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Freedom Pharmacy and Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacy specialize in the care and treatment of chronic diseases. Our Customer benefit of quality serviceCircle of Care Disease Therapy Management Programs are the key to accessible and quality care for the patients we serve. These programs are based on the theory that individuals with chronic disorders obtain the greatest benefits from their therapies when all caregivers, pharmacists and healthcare professionals involved communicate with each other on a consistent basis.

Through a Circle of Care program, we provide a non-fragmented approach to the care and treatment of patients with long-term disease. Each program is designed to include all aspects of the care, treatment and support of the patient, their families and caregivers, while promoting cost-effective approaches. The program’s goal is to improve therapeutic outcomes and the quality of life of all those dealing with chronic diseases.

The Circle of Care includes the patient, caregiver/s, pharmacists, physicians, patient care reps, reimbursement specialists and other healthcare providers. They each play an integral role in ensuring that the patient is getting the best care possible at the most affordable price.

Our specialty pharmacies provide pharmaceutical management, prescription medications (specialty and non-specialty), research protocols and medical supplies and equipment. In addition, we offer vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements and more to help improve our patients’ quality of life.

We provide constant communication to assist the family and patient. We offer patient information, education, guidance, compassionate support and assistance with medication management. This keeps the patient and family in compliance with their care needs and results in reduced costs and better overall outcomes.

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Circle of Care Programs/Specialty Areas