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“Cutting-Edge Medicine with Personalized Service”

Freedom and Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacies* know how challenging a chronic, long-term illness can be for a patient, their family and caregivers. As specialty pharmacies, specializing in chronic disease management, we partner with each of our patients, their caregivers, healthcare providers and the manufacturers to meet and exceed those challenges. Our specialty areas of expertise include cystic fibrosis and its associated disorders, plus the following disorders: Family Pushing Bikes Along Country Trackpulmonary & respiratory, gastrointestinal, endocrine, neurological and autoimmune, along with specific infectious diseases, men’s & women’s health and transplant care.

As the oldest specialty pharmacy for cystic fibrosis in the nation, for over 30 years our clinically trained, professional staff has helped tens of thousands of patients get the best possible results from their prescriptions and therapies. In addition to caring for chronic disease patients, we provide complete pharmacy services throughout the nation. As a one-stop provider, we can fill outpatient prescriptions, intravenous solutions of all types, natural medicines and provide dietary supplements, medical supplies, aerosol equipment and much more.

We’ve wrapped all of our experience and commitment into patient-centric Circle of Care programs where our professional healthcare team combines:

  • Continual communication
  • Patient education
  • Cutting-edge medications and medical research
  • Nutritional information
  • Interaction with the attending healthcare providers and insurers
  • Complete medication management
  • Information on available patient assistance programs &
  • Financial support or discount drug programs for the best possible patient outcomes.

This “team approach” ensures that our patients’ needs are fully met and that care is continually monitored. We integrate our pharmacy services with their healthcare providers and keep family members fully informed within this total Disease Therapy Management Program; Circle of Care. The end result is integrated pharmacy and medical services with maximum positive healthcare outcomes while minimizing the patient’s overall healthcare costs.


*Freedom and Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacies are companies under the
HHCS Health Group of Companies, headquartered in Orlando, FL.

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