How Can You Assist CF Families & Children Impacted by the Hurricanes?

How Can You Assist CF Families & Children Impacted by the Hurricanes?

Cystic Fibrosis Patient Disaster Relief FundThe Boomer Esiason Foundation has joined forces with the Baylor College of Medicine Cystic Fibrosis Center in Houston, Texas and other centers to locate and provide support to families from the CF community impacted by Hurricane Harvey needing assistance. Donations are now being accepted. Blog info HERE

The CF Relief Fund (a Texas non-profit) has been set up for donations being used to help at least 50 children and adults with CF in Houston. Funds are being used to move families into safe housing and provide food, gas, mattresses, furniture and medical items. Click HERE for the fund. Questions can be directed to:

Two Pediatric Hospitals in San Juan in Need:

Here’s a Sept. 26, 2017 CNN news report regarding the San Jorge Children’s Hospital (the only privately-run pediatric hospital in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean). They also newly provide women services.  According to this report, the US Army had just delivered a three-day supply of fuel to this hospital where patients were in danger due a diesel shortage.

Domingo Cruz Vivaldi, executive director of the San Jorge Children’s Hospital noted, “The children depend on ventilators to survive. But a shortage of diesel, which powers generators, meant that the ventilators had to run on batteries for eight hours Monday and supply was still limited.”

Donations to patients can be made HERE (click gofundme patients) or at the Banco Popular account listed on the graphic below. For more info, please call the bank’s new Customer Service number in Puerto Rico at (787) 294-2588. Here’s the hospital’s main #: (787) 727-1000.

Update: Sept. 30 on their FB page San Jorge Children’s Hospital they wrote, “With joy we announced that the electric service was re-established in our institution, thanks to the hard work of the Autoridad de Energia Electrica de Puerto Rico and its commitment to help us save lives.”

Also, the University Pediatric Hospital (El Hospital Pediatrico Universitario) in San Juan, Puerto Rico is in need of support. Donations are being accepted at the hospital’s foundation, Fundacion Hospital Pediatrico. (To donate, click Haz un donativo – Make a donation). They note, “All help is welcome. The money raised will be used to improve the quality of life of the patients of the University Pediatric Hospital in the medical center.” For more info, please call (787) 474-0333.
Puerto Rico Children's Hospital

Note: Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacy & HHCS Health Group of Companies do not warrant or make any claims regarding the above funds or fundraisers. This is a public service announcement to assist cystic fibrosis families and pediatric patients. If you have information regarding additional funds set up for CF families and patients related to the recent hurricanes, please email the information and your contact name, number & email address to: attn.: Marketing. Thank you.

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