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Florida Governor Rick Scott issued an Executive Order on September 4, 2017 declaring a state of emergency in all 67 Florida                               counties in preparation for the arrival of Hurricane Irma, the major, approaching storm. This will help ensure that local governments                       have advanced time and resources to help them get prepared.

Floridians and others affected are advised to monitor the storm and make their personal preparations. Below is a list of items you                          may wish to consider in your family’s personal emergency planning.

Medicines and Prescription Drugs –
Two weeks to a month’s supply of your regular prescription medications & supplies (all labeled)

Call our pharmacists today for your medication refills at 1-800-741-4427 or have your Dr. fax us your request to 1-866-482-6158.                         Keep these numbers handy. We’re available 24/7. Normal business hours are M-F from 8:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

Remember that often during & after major storms it may be difficult to get to an open pharmacy, or for shippers to make a delivery.

Stock up on any & all medical supplies needed to administer medications (syringes, neb cups, measuring devices, medicine dropper, etc.)

If you have medications that need to be kept cold – make sure to have ice packs & a cooler.

Those with a specific breathing-related disorder may want to have a battery-operated nebulizer handy. Make sure you have all your                       breathing treatments ready should they need packing.

Non-prescription Items –
Your daily vitamins & supplements
Pain relievers; aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.
Antacid (for stomach upset) & Sudafed or similar cold medication
Laxative & anti-diarrhea medication
Activated charcoal (use if advised by Poison Control Center)
Syrup of lpecac (use to induce vomiting if advised by Poison Control Center)

Water – A minimum of 1 gallon per person per day for 3-7 days (or more)

Food & Preparation –
Minimum 3 day (or more) supply of non-perishable packaged or canned juices, dry cereal,
peanut butter, canned fruits, vegetables & ready-to-eat meats, soups & quick energy snacks                                                                                         High calorie foods for cystic fibrosis patients (Also, remember to wear your medical ID bracelet).
Formula/food for infants/elderly & necessary food for those with allergies, etc.
Lighter or matches (in a Ziploc® bag)
Grill & charcoal/lighter fluid (in water-proof container) or a portable cooking stove
Cooking tools, fuel & a non-electric can opener
Paper plates and cups, paper towels & plastic utensils

Emergency Evacuation Shelter Items –
Sleeping bags & blankets
Tent, spikes & rubber mallet & flashlight
Combination lock

Clothing (Seasonal) & Bedding – 
Rain gear – ponchos, umbrellas
Several pair of dry socks & undergarments
Hat, gloves & jackets
Sturdy shoes or work boots & sunglasses
Pillows, blankets or sleeping bags & sleepwear
Minimum of one complete change of clothing &footwear per person

First Aid Kit – (one for your home & one for each car)
Scissors/tweezers & assorted sizes of safety pins
Bug bite ointment/hydrocortisone cream
Antibiotic ointment & sunscreen
Alcohol pads, iodine wipes & moistened towelettes
Petroleum jelly or other lubricant
Cleaning agent/soap
Various sizes of sterile gauze pads & sterile roller bandages (3 rolls)
Assorted sizes of sterile adhesive bandages & medical tape
Breathing barrier (for each family member)
Instant cold compress & non-latex gloves (2 pair)
Oral thermometer & needles/thread
Small flashlight (with batteries) & emergency solar blanket

Toiletries/Hygiene Items –
Personal hygiene items; Toothbrush, toothpaste, brush/comb, shampoo & deodorant, etc.
Antibacterial wipes/gel & sanitizing wipes for toilets, etc.
Feminine supplies, makeup & moisturizers (as needed)
Denture supplies & a spare pair of glasses, extra contacts, case & solution
Hearing aids & batteries
Waterless soap/shampoo & aloe for sunburn
Plastic bucket with tight lid, toilet paper, towelettes, paper towels & cloth towels
Plastic garbage bags, ties (for personal sanitation uses)

Radio – Battery operated (with spare batteries) and NOAA weather radio

Telephones – Fully charged cell phone with extra batter or emergency charge booster –                                                                                              Don’t forget a spare charger so you can recharge once you find an area with electricity.                                                                                           Include a car charger if possible.

Cash & Credit Cards – Be sure to include small bills. Change may be difficult to get and banks/ATMs                                                                         may not be available for extended periods. You may also want to have some traveler’s checks & change.

Keys – Home & cars, plus storage units, mailboxes & safe deposit boxes

Important Documents & Information – in a waterproof container or watertight resealable plastic bag
Insurance cards and policy information (health, car, property, life)
Medical records and physician names and contact info
Bank account numbers and check book/s
Social Security cards/birth certificates/voter’s registration cards & other identification
List of important phone numbers (in case you can’t access your cell phone)
Photos of family members (for ID purposes in case missing) & ChildPrint® ID Kits
Other hard to replace documents marriage & death certificates
Copy of will, insurance policies, contracts, deeds, stocks and bonds
Inventory of valuable household goods

Tools & Supplies –
Pocket knife/multi-tool knife & compass
Hammer/assorted nails & wood screws
Travel/camping ax & crowbar
Work gloves,safety glasses & dust masks
Duct and plumber’s tape
Rope & /bungy cords & tarp/s
Fix-a-flat for tires
Shut-off wrench to turn off household gas & water
Flat and pointed shovels
Small toolkit with wrenches, screwdrivers, etc.

Pet Care Information and Supplies –
Food and medications (including heartworm, flea, antibiotics, etc.)
Vaccine, ID records & photo
Leash &/or harness & cage/carrier
Non-tippable food & water containers

Other Misc. Emergency Items –
Batteries (assorted sizes for flashlights, games, etc.)
Flashlights & signal flare/s                                                                                                                                                                                               Household chlorine beach for use as a disinfectant
Map of the area (for locating Emergency Evacuation Shelters)
Emergency whistle
Emergency CPR kit
Notepad/pen and pencil
Aluminum foil, waterproof matches & water purification tablets
Trash bags/Ziplock® baggies & towels
Bug spray, light sticks & plastic sheeting
Generator & cans of gasoline
Matches in a waterproof container
Jumper cables & car battery charger
Plastic storage containers & heavy cotton or hemp rope

Special Items for Infants/Elderly –
Formula/ jar food
Bottles & powdered milk
Baby wipes/ointments/creams
Medication, medical supplies & equipment
Medical equipment – portable oxygen/walkers

Entertainment –
Games, books, playing cards & coloring supplies, toys, etc. for children

NOTE: The above is not meant to be an all-inclusive list. Please include all other items you &                                                                                     your family may need in case of an emergency.

Click HERE for a printable, basic Emergency Supply List issued by FEMA & HERE for their Emergency Preparedness brochure.

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