2018 CF Education Day

CF ED DAY: Hope you were able to join us on Sat., Nov. 3 at the 2018 Cystic Fibrosis Education Day & participate in our afternoon round table with                          Dr. Matthew Andry from Indiana; “Relieving Pain in CF Patients Through Wellness.”                                              

      Where? Winter Park Racquet Club at 2111 Via Tuscany, Winter Park 32789 * When? 8:30 a.m. (check-in) – 2:00 p.m.  Cost? FREE

                      Here’s some photos from this year’s event taken by K. Karington:

20181103_122907Kari K at our exhibit table 2018 CF Ed Day WP Raq Club

20181103_122803 Gilead Cayston

20181103_123253 Bethkis Pertyze Table

20181103_123014 Foundation Care


20181103_122753 Orlando Health

20181103_122810 Dynamik Health Care Tameka

20181103_123104 RespiTech


20181103_122916 Compass Table20181103_090653 Lunch Break Yes20181103_100750 Dr Layish slide

20181103_104722 slide Anxiety

20181103_114941 Our table Yes

20181103_090808 Candice Welcome Touting CGPG Y20181103_091748 Candice Intro yes

20181103_115113 Audience Mom Very Nice

20181103_103818 Audience 2 Yes

20181103_115223 Audience Question

20181103_112611 Water station during am roundtables
20181103_111528 Compass Rountable NICE                                                                                      Round Table Break-out Sessions

20181103_113146 Another AM Roundtable

20181103_112635 One of AM roundtables

20181103_120248 Keynote Pain thru Poetry                                                                                     Keynote Poet Bobby Foster20181103_120558 Lunch

20181103_101225 Gloria Hightower yes20181103_115401 Patient Mom & Kroger Presents

20181103_090554 am coffee for Pam

20181103_123500 Pre Webinar w Dr Andry

20181103_123322 Pool area

20181103_123516 Summer Katz almost at Webinar Dr Andry

Round table w/ Dr. Matthew Andry & RN Maddie Andry; “Relieving Pain in CF Patients Through Wellness,” presented by Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacy.                                                                                                                               20181103_130650 Dr Andry Maddie I

20181103_130839 Dr Andry Presentation Y                                                                              Some of the audience at the presentation w/ Dr. Andry & RN Maddie Andry~

20181103_094633 Flow Centerpc yes








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