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Our Most Special Caregiver – Our Mom

Our Most Special Caregiver – Our Mom

By: K. Karington, HHCS Health Group of Cos.

If you are one of the lucky ones to have a good mom, then Mother’s Day is the perfect time in our rushed world to let her know how much she means to you. For those who have lost their mom, it is a good time to reflect on her impact on the lives of her family.

Over the years, I gave my mom many wonderful Mother’s Day surprises… home-cooked breakfast in bed with flowers, Sunday brunch at a five-star restaurant or her favorite homestyle spot, department store jewelry, massage mats, coupons to be pampered, etc. But, out of all this, the one gift she always kept on the mirrored vanity tray on her dresser was an ugly brown & yellow bracelet I made for her in kindergarten, along with a cross made out of matches on velvety paper.

I never fully understood as a child why she kept those things, but now I do. All the fancy meals and store-bought gifts could never quite equate to those special, hand-made tokens of my love, made especially for her. She—was a mom and a very special one at that.

I look at all the sacrifices she made over the years to provide for her family and I am proud that I was picked to be hers. I noticed, for example, that her wardrobe before children was much fancier, plentiful and expensive than after starting a family. Her wardrobe and her priorities had changed.

Luckily, I never took her for granted and always knew the sacrifices she made for us. She went out of her way to give us healthy treats like fresh-squeezed orange juice and hand-cut vegetable snacks, a nutritious home-cooked meal on the table, together, every night and her full attention at “homework time.”

Mom always made sure I made it to school, Sunday school and numerous sports practices on time and knew about our family’s values and beliefs. She taught me about my ancestors and ensured we spent time with relatives (near and far) and always shared her love of God, family and country with me.

I never liked that I couldn’t watch whatever I wanted on TV, no soda or R rated movies, couldn’t go to all the popular parties, always had to call her whenever I got anywhere and couldn’t date whomever I pleased, nor read whatever I wanted. But, now I thank her for all that and much more; for not always being my friend, but my mom.

So, on this Mother’s Day, as we uphold our moms and reflect on all those who have gone before us, I think of all the sacrifices every mother makes on a daily basis and wish her all the ugly bracelets she could ever want! Hearing how much you love her and receiving a big hug (or phone call) may be all she is hoping for on her big day (and throughout the year). But, she and our dads deserve all we have to give— as we are here because of them.

Sunday, as we celebrate our mother, all her sacrifices and care, we can only hope to return some of that love back to her; one of the most important individuals in our lives. Happy Mother’s Day to all our special moms!

One comment on “Our Most Special Caregiver – Our Mom

  1. K. Karinton

    Note per Ms. Karington: Soon after Mother’s Day, a friend, a Mom, mentioned that she had told her grown daughter during her Mother’s Day call, that SHE was blessed because of her daughter, as she had allowed HER– to be a Mom. So, where our parents deserve all we have to give – as we are here because of them, seems it works both ways! Many times, great things are definitely two-sided!

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