Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Specialty Pharmacy?

Why should I refill or transfer my prescription to your pharmacies?

How do I request a refill or transfer a prescription?

Will you accept my insurance?

How can I reach you? Phone/Fax/E-mail/Mail

What are your normal business hours and location?

Do you accept electronic prescriptions from my doctor?

When will I receive my medication/s?

Do you offer shipment of my medications & supplies?

Can my medication be delivered if I’m not at home?

When should I call for a refill?

Do you offer refill reminder calls?

How do I properly dispose of my unused medications?

Which credit cards do you accept?

Do you offer bilingual customer service?

Whom do I contact to register a patient concern or complaint?

What are your Patient Rights & Responsibilities?

Medicare recipients: What are your rights for prescription drug coverage?

New patient welcome letter? 

Nueva carta de bienvenida del paciente? (in Spanish)

HIPAA Rules & Regulations? 

Reglas y Regulaciones de HIPAA? (in Spanish) 

Why should I refill or transfer my prescription to your pharmacies?

We are two of the nation’s most trusted specialty pharmacies for over 30 years. Many of our staff have been with us for over 20 years and take great care in personally serving the specialty needs of our patients. We work with dozens of assistance programs.

Feel free to contact one of our Patient Care Representatives today at (407) 898-4427 (local) or TOLL-FREE at (800) 741-4427 or (888) 307-4427 to refill or transfer your prescription. We are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (and 24/7 as needed).


How do I request a refill or transfer a prescription?

To request a refill or transfer a prescription to our pharmacy, please call us at (407) 898-4427 (local) or TOLL-FREE at (800) 741-4427 or (888) 307-4427.

Will you accept my insurance?

We accept most insurance plans. Please call one of our patient care representatives today at (407) 898-4427 (local) or TOLL-FREE at (800) 741-4427 or (888) 307-4427 to verify your insurance coverage. Our reps are dedicated to your billing and insurance reimbursement needs. We’ll work with your insurance company and their party-payers to make sure your benefits are working for you and saving you the most money possible.


 How can I reach you? Phone/Fax-E-mail/Mail

You can contact Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacy or Freedom Pharmacy by calling (407) 898-8922 (local) or TOLL-FREE at (800) 741-4427 or (888) 307-4427.  Our fax number for prescriptions is (407) 898-2903 or TOLL-FREE at (866) 482-6158.  You may contact our pharmacy with questions via e-mail at: (no prescriptions).

Emergency calls regarding your prescription medications will be forwarded to our on-call staff weekdays after 5:30 p.m. and on weekends.

Our HHCS Health Group of Companies corporate office phone number is (407) 898-4427 or TOLL-FREE at (888) 307-4427. The corporate office fax number is (407) 897-2108 or TOLL-FREE at (866) 482-6158.

The physical and mailing address for Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacy, Freedom Pharmacy and H.H.C.S. Health Group of Companies’ corporate office is: 3901 E. Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32803.


What are your normal business hours and location?

Our pharmacy is open from 8:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. We are located at: 3901 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL 32803 between Orlando Fashion Square Mall/Herndon Ave. and Bennett Rd. on E. Colonial Dr. approx. 1.6 miles from the intersection of SR436 and E. Colonial Dr. We’re on the same side of the street as Orlando Fashion Square Mall, behind the Goodwill Job Connection Center.

You may stop by in person to refill your prescription during normal business hours. After-hours emergency calls regarding your medications will be forwarded to our on-call staff weekdays after 5:30 p.m. and on weekends. 

Do you accept electronic prescriptions from my doctor?

Yes, the preferred method for receiving prescriptions is via electronic prescriptions directly from your doctor to Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacy or Freedom Pharmacy.


When will I receive my medication/s?

When you drop-off, call-in or fax-in your prescription, ask the pharmacist when it will be ready. Medications differ in pick-up times. If you live in the Orlando area, you may pick up your prescription at our over-the-counter pharmacies located at 3901 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL 32803 near Bennett Rd. We also offer fast, 24-hour shipment of your prescription/s and supplies. In addition, we ship internationally.


Do you offer shipment of my medications & supplies?

Yes, we offer fast, 24-hour shipment of your prescription/s and supplies anywhere in the U.S.


Can my medication be delivered if I’m not at home?

Some medications can be delivered if you’re not at home, but not all. Call us at (407) 898-8922 to inquire about the guidelines for your specific medication/s. Some medications require a signature and medications shipped on ice need prompt attention.

If you live in an apartment community, often your office staff may be willing to assist in providing a signature and storing your meds in a cool place until you return home. However, this must be arranged with Cystic Fibrosis or Freedom Pharmacy prior to delivery of your medication/s.


When should I call for a refill?

Call our pharmacists at least a week ahead to ensure timely delivery. You can contact Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacy or Freedom Pharmacy by calling (407) 898-8922 (local) or TOLL-FREE at (800) 741-4427.


Do you offer refill reminder calls?

Yes, if you call us and sign up to be part of a Planned Delivery Program you will receive a call once a month prior to your medication refill due date.


How do I properly dispose of my unused medications?  

Please visit the FDA website HERE.

Which credit cards do you accept?

Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacy and Freedom Pharmacy both accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express to make paying for your prescriptions and supplies as easy as possible. Contact us to fill, refill or transfer your prescription/s by phone or e-mail.

Call (407) 898-8922 (local) or TOLL-FREE at (800) 741-4427. Our fax number for prescriptions is (407) 898-2903 or TOLL-FREE at (866) 482-6158 (toll-free fax). Email: (no prescriptions)


Do you offer bilingual customer service?

Yes, we have bilingual customer service agents available Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. to assist with all your needs.


Whom do I contact to register a patient concern or complaint?

We would like every opportunity to assist you in resolving any patient concern, complaint or grievance. We are here for you 24/7 to discuss any matter at 1-888-307-4427 ext. 1201 (Barbara). After 5:30 p.m. weekdays, or on the weekend, please call that number and ask them to immediately contact the licensed pharmacist on call to return your call right away.

If, after giving us the opportunity to work with you,  you still feel we were unable to resolve your issue, you may contact a representative through the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) or Medicare, Medicaid, AHCA, DOH, or the DCF, as applicable. Here is their contact information:

Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC): 855-937-2242 or (local) 919-785-1214                           Fax: 919-785-3011 Address: 139 Weston Oaks Ct. Cary, NC 27513

Medicare: 1-800-633-4427,

Medicaid: 1-877-267-2323,

AHCA: 1-888-419-3456 or 1-800-955-8771,

Dept. of Health (DOH) Florida: 850-245-4444 or the

FL Dept. of Children & Families (DCF): 1-866-762-2237


What are your patient rights & responsibilities?

HHCS Pharmacy, Inc. (dba Freedom Pharmacy) and Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacy patients have a right to be notified in writing of their rights and responsibilities before care/service is begun.  HHCS Pharmacy, Inc. and Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacy staff members also have a responsibility to protect and promote the rights of their patients. This includes their patients’ care and treatment, and the services that are provided within their capacity. Care is provided in compliance with all applicable laws.

You have the right to:

  • Be fully informed ahead of time about services and care to be provided. This includes information about any modifications to the care or service plan.
  • Be treated with dignity, courtesy and respect. HHCS Pharmacy, Inc. and Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacy staff has been trained to recognize that each person is a unique individual.
  • Receive information about the scope of care/services that are provided by HHCS Pharmacy, Inc. and Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacy directly or through contractual arrangements.
  • Know about HHCS Pharmacy, Inc. and Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacy’s’ philosophy and characteristics of our program.
  • Reasonable coordination and continuity of services from your previous pharmacy to HHCS Pharmacy, Inc. and Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacy. You will get a timely response when you ask about care, treatment and services.
  • Be notified when you begin receiving care or services with an explanation of charges for care, treatment, services and equipment. This should include how to make a payment for charges for which you may be responsible. When applicable you will also get information about any payments from Medicaid or Medicare or any other third-party payer. You will also get an explanation of all forms you are requested to sign.
  • Receive quality medications, infusion equipment, supplies and services that meet or exceed professional and industry standards and in accordance with physician orders. You will get these regardless of race, religion, political belief, gender, sexual orientation, social or economic status, age, disease process, DNR status or disability.
  • Receive medications, treatment and services from qualified personnel. You have the right to receive instructions on self-care, safe and effective operation of equipment and your responsibilities regarding medications, equipment and services.
  • Confidentiality and privacy of all the information contained in your records and of Protected Health Information (except as otherwise provided for by law or third-party payer contracts). You can review and even challenge those records. You have the right to have your records corrected for accuracy.
  • Receive information about who gets your personal health information. You have the right to know when your personal health information was disclosed according to applicable law and as specified in the company’s policies and procedures.
  • Express dissatisfaction, concerns or complaints about any care, treatment or service. You can also suggest changes in policy or care and services without discrimination, reprisal, coercion or unreasonable interruption of care and services.
  • Have concerns, complaints and dissatisfaction about services that are or are not furnished looked into in a timely manner.
  • Be advised of any change in the plan of service before the change is made.
  • Receive information in a manner, format or language that you understand.
  • Get the name and job title of the person providing you with service.
  • Request to speak to the supervisor of the person providing you with care and the right to speak with a clinician / pharmacist to discuss any aspect of your care.
  • Have family members involved in care, treatment, and/or service decisions. This is only when it is appropriate and when it is allowed by law. You must provide your permission or we must have the permission of the decision maker that you chose.
  • Decline participation, revoke consent or dis-enrollment in the patient management program at any time. You may call (888-307-4427), email (, or fax (407-897-2108) your request immediately.
  • Be fully informed of your responsibilities.

You have the responsibility to:

  • Follow the plan of treatment or service prescribed by your physician and the instructions provided by your pharmacist.
  • Help develop a plan for your care, treatment and services.
  • Provide truthful and complete medical and personal information. This is necessary to plan for and provide quality care and services.
  • Complete and submit a HIPAA Privacy form and any forms that are necessary for your care.
  • Ask questions about your care, treatment and/or services. We can clarify any instructions you have received about your medications.
  • Let us know any information, concerns and/or questions about your health or problems you see in adhering to your medication. Also tell us about any unexpected changes in your condition.
  • Let your treating providers know that you’re participating in the HHCS Pharmacy, Inc. and Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacy specialty pharmacy program.
  • Notify HHCS Pharmacy, Inc. and Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacy if you are going to be unavailable to receive your medication.
  • Treat HHCS Pharmacy, Inc. and Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacy personnel with respect and dignity without discrimination because of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin.
  • Care for and safely use medications, supplies and/or equipment as applicable. Follow the instructions provided. Use the drugs, supplies, and any equipment for the purpose it was prescribed and only for the person on the prescription.
  • Let us know about any concerns you may have about following instructions for the administration / dosing / storage / disposal / etc. of medications that we dispense to you or instructions for proper use of any equipment that may be provided to you.
  • If applicable, protect equipment from fire, water, theft or other damage. You agree not to transfer or allow your equipment to be used by any other person without getting HHCS Pharmacy, Inc. and Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacy’s written consent. You also agree not to modify or attempt to make repairs of any kind to the equipment. Modifying equipment or attempting equipment repairs releases the company from any liability related to the equipment and its uses, and from any resulting negative customer outcomes.
  • You are responsible to pay for medications and services at the time they are provided. We will inform you of your charges (“Patient Liability”) as advised by your insurance provider(s) / payer(s) of record. We will investigate and verify to the best of our ability that all benefits due you are obtained. You are expected to pay the full amount due unless you have made other arrangements with HHCS Pharmacy, Inc. or Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacy.
  • If applicable, pay for equipment rental charges that your insurance company or companies does not cover, unless that goes against federal or state law.
  • Let us know if there are any changes in your physical condition. You should also tell us if there are changes to your prescription or insurance coverage. Tell HHCS Pharmacy, Inc. and Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacy right away if your address or telephone number changes, even if the change isn’t permanent.
  • Voice your feedback, concerns or complaints or report errors regarding your specialty drug services. We welcome your input and want to hear and act on this information with a polite and quick response. Ensuring quality and safe care, correcting errors, and preventing future issues are top priorities.

Important Customer Information:

After-Hours Services:

  • HHCS Pharmacy, Inc. and Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacy is available 24 hours a day / 365 days a year to respond to telephone inquiries about issues or concerns with your condition or the use of medications you are taking. An answering service will answer phones after normal business hours. You may leave a message or inform the operator that you wish to speak to a pharmacist and you will be contacted within 15 minutes.

Grievance & Complaint Procedure:

  • You have the right and responsibility to express concerns, dissatisfaction or make complaints about services you do or do not receive. You have this right without fear of reprisal, discrimination or unreasonable interruption of services.
  • The corporate office telephone number is (407) 898-4427 or (800) 307-4427.
  • HHCS Pharmacy, Inc. and Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacy have a grievance procedure that ensures that your concerns/complaints shall be reviewed and an investigation started within one (1) business day of receipt of the concern/complaint. Every attempt shall be made to resolve all grievances within 30 days. You will be informed in writing of the resolution of the complaint/grievance. If more time is needed to resolve the concern/complaint, you will also be informed verbally and in writing.


Medicare recipients: What are your rights for prescription drug coverage?

Your Medicare Rights

You have the right to request a coverage determination from your Medicare drug plan if you disagree with information provided by the pharmacy. You also have the right to request a special type of coverage determination called an “exception” if you believe:

• You need a drug that is not on your drug plan’s list of covered drugs (the list of covered drugs is called a “formulary”), or
• A coverage rule (such as prior authorization or a quantity limit) should not apply to you for medical reasons, or
• You need to take a non-preferred drug and you want the plan to cover the drug at the preferred drug price.

What You Need to Do

You or your prescriber can contact your Medicare drug plan to ask for a coverage determination by calling the plan’s toll-free phone number on the back of your plan membership card, or by going to your plan’s website. You or your prescriber can also request an expedited (24 hour) decision if your health could be seriously harmed by waiting up to 72 hours for a decision. Be ready to tell your Medicare drug plan:

1. The name of the prescription drug that was not filled, including the dose and strength, if known
2. The name of the pharmacy that attempted to fill your prescription
3. The date you attempted to fill your prescription
4. If you ask for an exception, your prescriber will need to provide your drug plan with a statement explaining why you need the off-formulary or non-preferred drug, or why a coverage rule should not apply to you.

Your Medicare drug plan will provide you with a written decision. If coverage is not approved, the plan’s notice will explain why coverage was denied and how to request an appeal if you disagree with the plan’s decision.

Refer to your plan materials or call 1-800-Medicare for more information.

New Patient Welcome Letter

Dear Patient:

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Freedom Pharmacy. To make your transition to our pharmacy easier, I would like to help you navigate to areas that might be of assistance and answer any questions that you might have.

In our Welcome Packet, information is provided in English & Spanish. We have multilingual teams, when you call the main pharmacy line you can ask to speak with a team member of a particular language. All of the access numbers will be listed below.

To speak with the following departments listed below, please call 1 800 741-4477 Toll Free. You will reach the receptionist, whereas they can transfer you to the department needed.

Pharmacy Technicians – Fills Prescriptions & calls patients monthly for refills
Pharmacist – Provides consults on medication, answers regarding medication information
Patient Representatives – Provides information on insurance, reimbursement, copays and manufacturer’s assistance programs
Marketing – Provides information on special programs, educational materials, support for chronic disease fundraisers and reward programs.

Financial responsibilities – All out of pocket costs such as deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance will be found on the delivery ticket of the order. A phone call will be placed to inform of any patient responsibility prior to shipping and to collect a method of payment for any amounts due.

Pharmacy Product Information
• Information regarding product selection, including suggestions of methods to obtain drugs not available through our Pharmacy is available upon request by our customer service personnel at the above phone number.

• Information regarding refilling prescriptions which would otherwise be limited by benefit design in order to ensure access to they types of drug therapy needed is provided by our customer service personnel.

• To properly place an order please contact our Pharmacy Technicians Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. Refills will be shipped the next business day. New prescriptions will be shipped in one to two business days if approved by insurance. To further assist for refills a Pharmacy Technician will contact you a week prior to your next fill to schedule delivery.

• In the event of a delayed or lost shipment due to a disaster and/or emergency consumers and prescribers shall be notified by the Pharmacist or Customer Service Representative. The expected day/time for receipt or replacement shall be communicated. Replacement medications may be provided through a different pharmacy that can provide same day delivery to ensure that consumers have a continuous supply of medication.

• Consumers may access order status by calling the Pharmacy or sending an email through the website at and clicking contact us.

• For unexpected delays due to manufacturer backorder both the patient and physician will be notified to inform them of the delay.

• Information about drug substitutions of prescriptions is available through consultation with a licensed clinician by contacting the Pharmacy.

• Information about client transfers to a different facility or Pharmacy Benefit Management Organization which includes how a prescription is transferred from one pharmacy service to another is available via customer service.

Pharmacy Health and Safety Information
• Included in this packet is your Statement of Patient Rights & Responsibilities. Please sign one copy and return to us in the enclosed envelope. The other is for your records.

• Evidence-based health information and content for common conditions, diagnoses, and the treatment diagnostics and interventions is available and provided upon request to patients.

• In case of a recalled medication that had been dispensed the patient and the physician will be notified immediately.

• To safely dispose of medications please visit the FDA website at:

• With each medication you will receive a Patient Information Guide which will have instructions on addressing any adverse drug reactions. Please consult the Pharmacist with any questions.

• Drug substitution protocols – Consult your Pharmacist concerning the availability of a less expensive generically equivalent drug and the requirements of Florida law.

• Please report any concerns and/or suspected errors to the Pharmacist immediately.

We look forward to servicing your medication needs and providing excellent care for you and your family.

Best Regards,

Freedom Pharmacy Team


Nueva carta de bienvenida del paciente 

(New Patient Welcome Letter – Spanish)  

Estimado Paciente: 

Nos gustaría aprovechar esta oportunidad para darle la bienvenida a la Farmacia de la Libertad. Para hacer su transición a nuestra farmacia más fácil, me gustaría ayudarle a navegar a las áreas que podrían ser de ayuda y responder a cualquier pregunta que pueda tener.

En nuestro Paquete de Bienvenida, la información se proporciona en inglés y español. Tenemos equipos multilingües, cuando se llama a la línea principal de la farmacia se puede pedir hablar con un miembro del equipo de un idioma en particular. Todos los números de acceso se encuentran a continuación.

Para hablar con los siguientes departamentos `+`giui a continuación, llame al 1 800 741-4477 sin cargo. Llegará a la recepcionista, mientras que puede transferirlo al Departamento necesario.

Técnicos de farmacia – Rellena recetas y llama a los pacientes mensualmente para recargas

Farmacéutico – Proporciona consultas sobre medicamentos, respuestas con respecto a la información del medicamento

Representantes de pacientes – Proporciona información sobre seguros, reembolsos, copagos y programas de asistencia del fabricante

Marketing – Proporciona información sobre programas especiales, materiales educativos, apoyo a las recaudaciones de fondos de enfermedades crónicas y programas de recompensas.

Responsabilidades financieras– Todos los gastos de bolsillo como deducibles, copagos y coaseguro se encuentran en el ticket de entrega del pedido. Se realizará una llamada telefónica para informar de cualquier responsabilidad del paciente antes del envío y para cobrar un método de pago por cualquier cantidad adeudado.


Información de Productos Farmacéuticos
• La información sobre la selección de productos, incluyendo sugerencias de métodos para obtener medicamentos no disponibles a través de nuestra farmacia está disponible a petición de nuestro personal de servicio al cliente en el número de teléfono anterior.

• Información con respecto a la reposición de recetas que de otro modo estarían limitadas por el diseño de beneficios con el fin de garantizar el acceso a los tipos de terapia farmacológica necesaria es proporcionada por nuestro personal de servicio al cliente.

• Para realizar correctamente un pedido, póngase en contacto con nuestros técnicos de farmacia de lunes a viernes de 8:30 a.m. a 5:30 p.m. Las recargas se enviarán al siguiente día hábil. Las nuevas recetas serán enviadas en uno o dos días hábiles si son aprobadas por el seguro. Para asistencia adicional para recargas un técnico de farmacia se pondrá en contacto con usted una semana antes de su próximo llenado para programar la entrega.

• En el caso de un envío retrasado o perdido debido a un desastre y/o consumidores de emergencia y los prescriptores serán notificados por el farmacéutico o representante de servicio al cliente. Se comunicará el día/hora prevista para la recepción o la sustitución. Los medicamentos de reemplazo pueden proporcionarse a través de una farmacia diferente que puede proporcionar entrega el mismo día para garantizar que los consumidores tengan un suministro continuo de medicamentos.

• Los consumidores pueden acceder al estado de los pedidos llamando a la farmacia o enviando un correo electrónico a través del sitio web y haciendo clic en Contáctenos.

• Para retrasos inesperados debido a la demora del fabricante tanto el paciente como el médico serán notificados para informarles del retraso.

• La información sobre las sustituciones de medicamentos recetados está disponible a través de consultas con un clínico licenciado poniéndose en contacto con la farmacia.

• La información sobre las transferencias de clientes a una instalación diferente o a una organización de gestión de beneficios farmacéuticos que incluye cómo se transfiere una prescripción de un servicio de farmacia a otro está disponible a través del servicio al cliente.

Información de Salud y Seguridad de Farmacia

• Incluido en este paquete está su declaración de derechos y responsabilidades del paciente. Por favor, firme una copia y regrese a nosotros en el sobre adjunto. El otro es para sus registros.

• Información de salud basada en evidencias y contenido para condiciones comunes, diagnósticos, y el diagnóstico de tratamiento y las intervenciones está disponible y se proporciona a petición de los pacientes.

• En caso de un medicamento retirado que haya sido dispensado al paciente y el médico será notificado inmediatamente.

• Para desechar los medicamentos de forma segura, visite el sitio web de la FDA en:

• Con cada medicamento recibirá una guía de información para el paciente que tendrá instrucciones sobre cómo abordar cualquier reacción adversa de drogas. Por favor, consulte al farmacéutico con cualquier pregunta.

• Protocolos de sustitución de medicamento – consulte a su farmacéutico sobre la disponibilidad de un medicamento de menor costo genérico equivalente y los requisitos de la ley de Florida.

• Por favor reporte cualquier inquietud y/o sospecha de errores al farmacéutico inmediatamente.


Esperamos poder atender sus necesidades de medicación y brindarle un cuidado excelente para usted y su familia.

El Equipo de Farmacia Freedom


HIPAA Rules & Regulations 

HIPAA Statement
This notice describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information. Please review it carefully.

Protected Health Information
Information about your health is private. And it should remain private. That is why this healthcare institution is required by federal and state law to protect and maintain the privacy of your health information. We call it “Protected Health Information” (PHI).

The basis for federal privacy protection is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and its regulations, known as the “Privacy Rule” and “Security Rule” and other federal and state privacy laws.

The basis for federal privacy protection is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and its regulations, known as the “Privacy Rule” and “Security Rule” and other federal and state privacy laws.

Who Will Follow This Notice
This Notice describes the information privacy practices followed by our Pharmacy employees and related personnel.

Pharmacy employees, volunteers, and related personnel, including those members of the Medical Staff who have opted to abide by its contents, must follow this Notice with respect to:

  • How we use your PHI
  • Disclosing your PHI to others
  • Your privacy rights
  • Our privacy duties
  • Contacts for more information or, if necessary, a complaint

Using or Disclosing Your PHI

For Payment
After providing medications, we will ask your insurer to pay us. Some of your PHI may be entered into our computers in order to send a claim to your insurer. This may include a description of your health problem, the treatment we provided and your membership number in your employer’s health plan.
Or, your insurer may want to review your medical record to determine whether your care was necessary. Also, we may disclose to a collection agency some of your PHI for collecting a bill that you have not paid.

Special Uses
Your relationship to us as a patient might require using or disclosing your PHI in order to:

  • Remind you of medication refills
  • Tell you about treatment alternatives and options
  • Tell you about our other health benefits and services

Certain Uses and disclosures of your PHI required or permitted by law
As a healthcare facility, we must abide by many laws and regulations that either require us or permit us to use or disclose your PHI.

Required or Permitted Uses and Disclosures

  • If you do not verbally object, we may share some of your PHI with a family member or friend involved in your care.
  • We may use your PHI in an emergency when you are not able to express yourself.
  • We may use or disclose your PHI for research if we receive certain assurances which protect your privacy.

We may also use or disclose your PHI

  • When required by law, for example when ordered by a court.
  • For public health activities including reporting a communicable disease or adverse drug reaction to the Food and Drug Administration.
  • To report neglect, abuse or domestic violence.
  • To government regulators or agents to determine compliance with applicable rules and regulations.
  • In judicial or administrative proceedings as in response to a valid subpoena.
    To a coroner for purposes of identifying a deceased person or determining cause of death, or to a funeral director for making funeral arrangements.
  • For purposes of research when a research oversight committee, called an institutional review board, has determined that there is a minimal risk to the privacy of your PHI.
  • For creating special types of health information that eliminate all legally required identifying information or information that would directly identify the subject of the information.
  • In accordance with the legal requirements of a workers compensation program.
    When properly requested by law enforcement officials, for instance in reporting gun shot wounds, reporting a suspicious death or for other legal requirements.
  • If we reasonably believe that use or disclosure will avert a health hazard or to respond to a threat to public safety including an imminent crime against another person.
  • For national security purposes including to the Secret Service or if you are Armed Forces personnel and it is deemed necessary by appropriate military command authorities.
  • For surveys, including patient satisfaction surveys.

Your Privacy Rights and How to Exercise Them
Under the federally required privacy program, patients have specific rights.

Your Right to Request Limited Use or Disclosure
You have the right to request that we do not use or disclose your PHI in a particular way. We must abide by your request to restrict disclosures to your health plan (insurer) if:

  • the disclosure is for the purpose of carrying out payment or health care operations and is not required by law; and
  • the PHI pertains solely to a healthcare item or service that you, or someone else other than the health plan (insurer) has paid us for in full.

In other situations, we are not required to abide by your request. If we do agree to your request, we must abide by the agreement.

Your Right to Confidential Communication
You have the right to receive confidential communications of PHI from the pharmacy at a location that you provide. Your request must be in writing, provide us with the other address and explain if the request will interfere with your method of payment.

Your Right to Revoke Your Authorization
You may revoke, in writing, the authorization you granted us for use or disclosure of your PHI. However, if we have relied on your consent or authorization, we may use or disclose your PHI up to the time you revoke your consent.

Your Right to Inspect and Copy
You have the right to inspect and copy your PHI (or to an electronic copy if the PHI is in an electronic medical record), if requested in writing. We may refuse to give you access to your PHI if we think it may cause you harm, but we must explain why and provide you with someone to contact for a review of our refusal.

Your Right to Amend Your PHI
If you disagree with your PHI within our records, you have the right to request, in writing, that we amend your PHI when it is a record that we created or have maintained for us. We may refuse to make the amendment and you have a right to disagree in writing. If we still disagree, we may prepare a counter-statement. Your statement and our counter-statement must be made part of our record about you.

Your Right to Know Who Else Sees Your PHI
You have the right to request an accounting of certain disclosures we have made of your PHI over the past six years, but not before April 14, 2003. We are not required to account for all disclosures, including those made to you, authorized by you or those involving treatment, payment and healthcare operations as described above. There is no charge for an annual accounting, but there may be charges for additional accountings. We will inform you if there is a charge and you have the right to withdraw your request, or pay to proceed.

Your Right to be Notified of a Breach
You have the right to be notified following a breach of unsecured PHI.

Your Right to Obtain a Paper Copy of This Notice
You have the right to obtain a paper copy of this Notice upon request, even if you have agreed to receive the Notice electronically.

What if I have a complaint?
If you believe that your privacy has been violated, you may file a complaint with us or with the Secretary of Health and Human Services in Washington, D.C. We will not retaliate or penalize you for filing a complaint with us or the Secretary.

To file a complaint with us, please contact our HIPAA Compliance Department at 1-888-307-4427. Your complaint should provide specific details to help us in investigating a potential problem.

To file a complaint with the Secretary of Health and Human Services, write to: 200 Independence Ave., S.E., Washington, D.C. 20201 or call 1-877-696-6775.

Contact for additional information
If you have questions about this Notice or need additional information, you can contact our HIPAA officer at 1-888-307-4427.

Some of Our Privacy Obligations and How We Fulfill Them
Federal health information privacy rules require us to give you notice of our legal duties and privacy practices with respect to PHI and to notify you following a breach of unsecured PHI. This document is our notice. We will abide by the privacy practices set forth in this Notice. We are required to abide by the terms of the Notice currently in effect. However, we reserve the right to change this Notice and our privacy practices when permitted or as required by law. If we change our Notice of Privacy Practices, we will provide you with a copy to take with you upon request and we will post the new notice.

Compliance with Certain State Laws
When we use or disclose your PHI as described in this Notice, or when you exercise certain of your rights set forth in this Notice, we may apply state laws about the confidentiality of health information in place of federal privacy regulations. We do this when these state laws provide you with greater rights or protection for your PHI. For example, some state laws dealing with mental health records may require your express consent before your PHI could be disclosed in response to a subpoena. \When state laws are not in conflict or if these laws do not offer you better rights or more protection, we will continue to protect your privacy by applying the federal regulations.

EFFECTIVE DATE: This notice takes effect on April 1, 2019.



Declaración HIPAA (HIPAA in Spanish)

Este aviso describe cómo se puede utilizar y divulgar la información médica sobre usted y cómo puede obtener acceso a esta información. Por favor revise cuidadosamente.

Información sanitaria protegida
La información sobre su salud es privada. Y debe permanecer privado. Es por eso que esta institución de salud es requerida por la ley federal y estatal para proteger y mantener la privacidad de su información de salud. Lo llamamos “información de salud protegida ” (PHI).

La base para la protección de la privacidad federal es la ley de portabilidad y responsabilidad de seguros de salud (HIPAA) y sus regulaciones, conocidas como la “regla de privacidad” y “regla de seguridad” y otras leyes de privacidad federales y estatales.

La base para la protección de la privacidad federal es la ley de portabilidad y responsabilidad de seguros de salud (HIPAA) y sus regulaciones, conocidas como la “regla de privacidad” y “regla de seguridad” y otras leyes de privacidad federales y estatales.

¿Quién seguirá este aviso

Este aviso describe las prácticas de privacidad de la información seguidas por nuestros empleados de farmacia y personal relacionado.

Los empleados de farmacia, voluntarios y personal relacionado, incluidos los miembros del personal médico que han optado por cumplir con su contenido, deben seguir este aviso con respecto a:

  • Cómo usamos su PHI
  • Divulgar su PHI a otras personas
  • Sus derechos de privacidad
  • Nuestras obligaciones de privacidad
  • Contactos para más información o, si es necesario, una queja

Usar o divulgar su PHI

Para el pago

Después de proporcionar medicamentos, le pediremos a su aseguradora que nos pague. Parte de su PHI puede introducirse en nuestros ordenadores para enviar una reclamación a su aseguradora. Esto puede incluir una descripción de su problema de salud, el tratamiento que le hemos proporcionado y su número de membresía en el plan de salud de su empleador.

O, su aseguradora podría querer revisar su expediente médico para determinar si su cuidado era necesario. Además, podemos divulgar a una agencia de cobro parte de su PHI para cobrar una factura que usted no ha pagado.

Usos especiales
Su relación con nosotros como paciente podría requerir el uso o divulgación de su PHI con el fin de

  • Recordarle las recargas de medicación
  • Cuéntales sobre alternativas de tratamiento y opciones
  • Cuéntales sobre nuestros otros beneficios y servicios para la salud

Ciertos usos y divulgaciones de su PHI requeridos o permitidos por la ley

Como centro de atención médica, debemos cumplir muchas leyes y regulaciones que nos requieran o nos permitan usar o divulgar su PHI.

Usos y divulgaciones requeridos o permitidos

  • Si no se opone verbalmente, es posible que compartamos parte de su PHI con un familiar o amigo involucrado en su atención.
  • Podemos usar su PHI en una emergencia cuando usted no es capaz de expresarse.

Podemos usar o divulgar su PHI para investigación si recibimos ciertas garantías que protegen su privacidad.

También podemos usar o divulgar su PHI

  • Cuando lo exija la ley, por ejemplo, cuando lo ordene un tribunal.
  • Para actividades de salud pública, incluyendo reportar una enfermedad contagiosa o reacción adversa a la administración de alimentos y medicamentos.
  • Reportar negligencia, abuso o violencia doméstica.
  • A los reguladores o agentes gubernamentales para determinar el cumplimiento de las normas y regulaciones aplicables.
  • En procedimientos judiciales o administrativos como en respuesta a una citación válida.
  • A un forense con el propósito de identificar a una persona fallecida o determinar la causa de la muerte, o a un director funerario para hacer arreglos funerarios.
  • Para fines de investigación cuando un Comité de supervisión de investigación, llamado un Consejo de revisión institucional, ha determinado que hay un riesgo mínimo para la privacidad de su PHI.
  • Para crear tipos especiales de información sanitaria que eliminen toda la información de identificación requerida legalmente o información que identifique directamente al sujeto de la información.
  • De acuerdo con los requisitos legales de un programa de compensación de trabajadores.
  • Cuando los funcionarios encargados de hacer cumplir la ley lo soliciten apropiadamente, por ejemplo, al reportar heridas de disparos de armas, reportar una muerte sospechosa o por otros requisitos legales.
  • Si creemos razonablemente que el uso o la divulgación evitará un riesgo para la salud o para responder a una amenaza para la seguridad pública, incluido un crimen inminente contra otra persona.
  • Para fines de seguridad nacional, incluyendo al servicio secreto o si usted es personal de las fuerzas armadas y se considera necesario por las autoridades militares apropiadas.
  • Para encuestas, incluidas las encuestas de satisfacción del paciente.

Sus derechos de privacidad y cómo ejercerlos Bajo el programa de privacidad requerido federalmente, los pacientes tienen derechos específicos.

Su derecho a solicitar un uso o divulgación limitados

Usted tiene derecho a solicitar que no empleemos ni divulguemos su PHI de una manera particular. Debemos cumplir con su solicitud de restringir las divulgaciones a su plan de salud (aseguradora) si:

  • la divulgación es con el fin de llevar a cabo el pago o las operaciones de atención médica y no es requerido por la ley; Y
  • la PHI pertenece únicamente a un artículo o servicio de atención médica que usted, u otra persona que no sea el plan de salud (aseguradora), nos ha pagado en su totalidad.

En otras situaciones, no estamos obligados a cumplir con su solicitud. Si estamos de acuerdo con su solicitud, debemos cumplir con el acuerdo.

Su derecho a la comunicación confidencial
Usted tiene derecho a recibir comunicaciones confidenciales de PHI desde la farmacia en un lugar que.

que proporcione. Su solicitud debe ser por escrito, proporcionarnos la otra dirección y explicarle si la solicitud interferirá con su método de pago.

Su derecho a revocar su autorización

  • Usted puede revocar, por escrito, la autorización que nos concedió para el uso o divulgación de su PHI. Sin embargo, si hemos confiado en su consentimiento o autorización, podremos usar o divulgar su PHI hasta el momento en que revoque su consentimiento.
  • Su derecho a inspeccionar y copiar.
  • Usted tiene el derecho de inspeccionar y copiar su PHI (o a una copia electrónica Si la PHI está en un expediente médico electrónico), si se solicita por escrito. Podemos negarnos a darle acceso a su PHI si pensamos que puede causarle daño, pero debemos explicar por qué y proporcionarle a alguien que contacte para una revisión de nuestro rechazo.

Su derecho a enmendar su PHI

Si no está de acuerdo con su PHI dentro de nuestros registros, tiene derecho a solicitar, por escrito, que modifiquemos su PHI cuando se trata de un registro que creamos o hemos mantenido para nosotros. Podemos negarnos a hacer la enmienda y usted tiene el derecho de discrepar por escrito. Si aún no estamos de acuerdo, podemos preparar una contradeclaración. Su declaración y nuestra contraafirmación deben ser parte de nuestro expediente sobre usted.

Su derecho a saber quién más ve su PHI

Usted tiene el derecho de solicitar una contabilidad de ciertas divulgaciones que hemos hecho de su PHI en los últimos seis años, pero no antes del 14 de abril de 2003. No estamos obligados a tener en cuenta todas las divulgaciones, incluidas las realizadas a usted, autorizadas por usted o las que implican tratamiento, pago y operaciones de atención médica como se describió anteriormente. No hay ningún cargo por una contabilidad anual, pero puede haber cargos por cuentas adicionales. Le informaremos si hay un cargo y usted tiene el derecho de retirar su solicitud, o pagar para proceder.
Su derecho a ser notificado de un incumplimiento

Usted tiene el derecho de ser notificado después de un incumplimiento de la PHI no segura.

Su derecho a obtener una copia impresa de este aviso
Usted tiene derecho a obtener una copia impresa de este aviso previa solicitud, incluso si usted ha acordado recibir el aviso electrónicamente.

¿Qué pasa si tengo una queja?

Si cree que su privacidad ha sido violada, puede presentar una queja con nosotros o con el Secretario de salud y servicios humanos en Washington, D.C. No vamos a tomar represalias o penalizarlo por presentar una queja con nosotros o el Secretario.

  • Para presentar una queja con nosotros, comuníquese con nuestro Departamento de cumplimiento de la HIPAA al 1-888-307-4427. Su queja debe proporcionar detalles específicos para ayudarnos a investigar un posible problema.
  • Para presentar una queja ante el Secretario de salud y servicios humanos, escriba a: 200 Independence Ave., S.E., Washington, D.C. 20201 o llame al 1-877-696-6775.

Contacte para información adicional
Si tiene preguntas sobre este aviso o necesita información adicional, puede ponerse en contacto con nuestro oficial de HIPAA en 1-888-307-4427.

Algunas de nuestras obligaciones de privacidad y cómo las cumplimos
Las reglas federales de privacidad de la información de salud nos exigen que le notifiquemos nuestras obligaciones legales y prácticas de privacidad con respecto a la PHI y le notificaremos después de un incumplimiento de la PHI no segura. Este documento es nuestro aviso. Nos atenemos a las prácticas de privacidad establecidas en este aviso. Estamos obligados a cumplir con los términos de la notificación actualmente en vigor. Sin embargo, nos reservamos el derecho de cambiar este aviso y nuestro.

Prácticas de privacidad cuando se permita o según lo exija la ley. Si cambiamos nuestro aviso de prácticas de privacidad, le proporcionaremos una copia para llevar con usted a petición y publicaremos el nuevo aviso.

El cumplimiento de ciertas leyes estatales
Cuando usamos o divulgamos su PHI como se describe en este aviso, o cuando usted ejerce algunos de sus derechos establecidos en este aviso, podemos aplicar leyes estatales sobre la confidencialidad de la información de salud en lugar de las regulaciones federales de privacidad. Hacemos esto cuando estas leyes estatales le proporcionan mayores derechos o protección para su PHI. Por ejemplo, algunas leyes estatales que se ocupan de los registros de salud mental pueden requerir su consentimiento expreso antes de que su PHI pueda ser revelada en respuesta a una citación. Cuando las leyes estatales no están en conflicto o si estas leyes no le ofrecen mejores derechos o más protección, continuaremos proteger su privacidad aplicando las regulaciones federales.

FECHA de vigencia: este aviso surte efecto el 1 de abril de 2019.