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Recognizing Our Amazing Caregivers

Thank you for Making a Diff

By: K. Karington

Valentine’s Day we celebrate love; our loved ones and all they mean to us and our lives. In doing so, our pharmacies would like to recognize all the amazing caregivers whom we work with every day. The benefits they provide their loved ones (children, parents, siblings, significant others, etc.) is immeasurable!

Not only do they demonstrate their love & care for that person, but they also nurture the very best in that person’s life. By helping with their nutrition, exercise, doctor’s visits, medications, filing insurance, household chores & whatever else is needed, the caregiver often helps them achieve their best possible health & wellness.

Caregiving can often be a thankless job, but it can also be one of the most important jobs. It often pays no monetary rewards, however, to the caregiver, knowing they’re doing what needs to be done & showing their loved one how much they care, is in itself a huge reward.

Life is busy. Some caregivers experience the best “quality time” they’ve ever had with a parent while caring for them. They might even strike up a treasured “friendship” in that new role (vs. the traditional parent/child give & take).

Has a caregiver (mother, father, sibling, spouse, friend, or even a professional, paid caregiver, etc.) made a real difference in your life? If so, feel free to recognize them in the comment section below. What special things have they done for you?

Or, if you have been a caregiver (or still are), what has this experience added to your life? Has it perhaps added a special meaning or purpose?

The love & care which caregivers show each day is in itself a special, year-round Valentine’s gift. So, if they’re too busy this year (buying groceries, fixing meals, setting out meds, etc.) to buy a bouquet of roses or a box of candy, know that their love IS their gift. Perhaps, in their work to make sure the bills are paid, maybe that’s why Dads sometimes forget the chocolate?!

Here’s to all the caregivers in our world who truly make life-changing, positive impacts on the lives of others. Thank you for making a difference!

Rise By Lifting Others x

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